wooden clocks, the materials with which they are constructed

After reviewing what are the main most famous brands that deal with wood watches and having analyzed the most sought after models and quality, It is crucial to understand what are the criteria that can allow to establish the type of product that there is located opposite.
One of the parameters to be taken into account, naturally, è the material e quindi la tipologia di legno utilizzata per la realizzazione di ogni singolo prodotto.

The first consideration concerns the consistency of the wood. On the market, indeed, esistono prodotti realizzati con hard woods or softer a seconda delle esigenze.
As for the first (hardwood) we talk about absolutely very durable products that can, then, also have a certain durability.
With more soft woods, instead, They are made more smart models, Easily adaptable and who follow the fashion of the moment.

Apart from this, the tree from which the wood is taken plays a prominent role. There is a substantial difference in the same clock characteristics, depending on whether, for example, the wood is of:

  • Beech tree
  • wot
  • steel

Thanks to a differentiation of the type of material used, Moreover, It can also determine the quality of products from the most refined models and wooden clocks DIY made of wood types less sought.

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